If you're ready to design and build for the future, while solving labor shortage and material inconsistency challenges AND delivering a high-performance building syste - SIPs are the answer.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are the preferred choice for designers & builders who have a passion for their craft and want to leave a legacy with beautiful, high performing, buildings that make a positive impact towards conserving energy. 

Premier SIPS deliver strength against wind, snow and natural disasters, and a tighter envelope means significantly less air leakage fro a healthier more energy efficient building. Read on to discover what this Learning Library offers. 

Premier SIPS Learning Library

Design Professionals, Contractors, Commercial Building Owners and more can access and explore:
  • Accredited AIA CEU courses (up to 1 HSW/LU per course) to equip professionals with a solid foundation for SIPs construction.

  • Shorter Nano CEU courses ranging from 15-30 minutes by topic (four paths you can take, or mix & match to fit your needs) ... coming soon!

  • Ways to differentiate your business and better meet client needs with higher-performance buildings.

  • How to exceed changing building & energy codes with the building envelope.

  • The advantages of SIPs offsite construction methods and how they contribute to environmental programs like LEED, Passive, Living Building, Title 24 Regulations and more.

  • Cost savings for SIPs building envelopes. From material and labor costs, to a reduction in build-cycle time, interest costs, construction call backs, and operating savings, SIPs saves across the board.

Premier SIPS Courses

More on-demand courses are in development all the time to help arm stakeholders with the tools to design & build superior structures. Pre-order to get notified when they're available.

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