The built environment has been stagnant in terms of innovation for years. For decades the perfect storm of challenges has been brewing throughout the construction industry, and this storm is now forcing change.

Construction material quality, escalating material costs, skilled labor shortages, increasing building code requirements, the need for more resilient structures, and a demand for healthy environments are challenges that architects, engineers, and contractors are scrambling to address – while working to balance design flexibility, budgets and innovation.

The good news is the AEC industry can combat all challenges of this "perfect storm" by optimizing one key component of the building system - the Building Envelope.

This presentation addresses what attributes in the building envelope make a difference, what solutions exist for envelopes to combat the “perfect storm,” and discusses the advantages of offsite/prefabricated vs. site framed methods for all industry professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different types of offsite construction, and why it is superior to site framing.

  • Discover how labor shortages can be solved with a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) building envelope.

  • Learn how SIP roof, wall and floor assemblies help combat rising material costs

  • Identify the benefits of a SIP High Performance Building Envelope (HPBE) over site framed building envelope assembly.

  • Understand how SIP framed structures offer exceptional energy efficiency & durability while complying with changing energy & building code requirements.

  • Explore how a SIP HPBE can dramatically improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Course Curriculum

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About "The Perfect Storm" AIA CEU Course

  • Short quiz at end for AIA course credit/certificate


Two Exceptional Experts

Jim Christ

With a background in construction engineering Jim has been specializing in High Performance Building Envelopes and SIPs for more than a dozen years. He currently serves Design Professionals, Contractors and Developers in the Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington Markets.

Todd Bell

Todd has more than 20 years experience in the SIPs industry. He also has certifications as a USGBC and CSI professional. Todd currently works with clients in the Alaska, Hawaii and Western Washington regions.