Our Building Systems


Family-owned and operated since the 1960s, Premier Building Systems (PBS) proudly manufactures high-performing building systems including Premier SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems), R-Shield Molded Polystyrene (MPS) Rigid Insulation & Geofoam, and Premier ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms).

Our team is dedicated and committed to helping architects, engineers, contractors & developers build healthier, energy-efficient, and resilient structures with ease. Whatever the building envelope need, Premier has a system to help tackle it.

You Will Learn

  • The components that work together to create high performance structures

  • How sustainability isn’t as simple as one product alone

  • Where load planning can create additional living spaces and opportunities for architectural creativity

  • The importance of thermal bridging and continuous insulation in every building

  • Ways to identify the different benefits of high performance building envelope choices

  • How design decisions can affect construction budget and schedules drastically

  • Where and when you should design to exceed Building Code requirements

  • How to build and design structures that are healthier for occupants

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